Mobile App Survey 2 is LIVE!

The Citizen Endo team is over the moon with the level of engagement from the endometriosis community with our first mobile app survey. We received 800 responses from women who experience symptoms of endometriosis daily. Thank you for helping us to better understand endometriosis and for sharing your experiences with us.

In Survey 1, we asked you about your experiences with endometriosis, specifically focusing on pain, emotions, medications, and self management techniques.

There’s another survey to make sure our app, Phendo, is tailored to your needs as women with endometriosis. This survey is part of our continual, iterative design process. Survey 2 focuses on your menstrual history, your medical history, and your diet with respect to tracking of endometriosis within our Phendo app.

Please click here to Take SURVEY 2 now

Phendo is both for you, women with endometriosis, and for researchers to build a comprehensive dataset about endometriosis.

Citizen Endo aims to get input from real women with endometriosis to help researchers build a new mobile app. The app will help endometriosis patients manage their condition and it will help create a meaningful dataset for research, which reflects the everyday experiences of endo patients.

You can help by completing this short survey (less than 10 minutes, one of us finished it in 3.5mins). The survey is anonymous.

Want to get in touch with the Citizen Endo team? Check out our website, Email us at You can also follow our updates on twitter @citizen_endo.

Patients and data science for an endometriosis cure: We bridge the gap between patient experience and clinical characterization of endometriosis.

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