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Citizen Endo
3 min readMar 14, 2018

Good news! we have created a more detailed visualization of your data in Phendo! We know a lot of you wanted to be able to share your data with your physician or with others, and ‘Get more Insights’ allows you to do this. It may also be helpful for you to better understand your patterns and possible triggers.

You can visualize your data in the Insights tab and on a desktop. On the Phendo app, you can see the last 30 days on the Insights tab. The last 30 days are represented as a circle. ‘How was your day?’ is displayed as an icon for each day you tracked it. Red represents whether you had your period, and pink means you had other types of bleeding besides your period (i.e., spotting). No color means no bleeding. The saturation of the purple color indicates how much you tracked on a particular day.

30-day visualization in the Insights tab

To get a more detailed view of your data (say you wanted to export it to a webpage you can print), you can click the ‘Get more Insights’ link on the Insights tab. You will be sent an authorization code to the email you registered with to access your detailed Insights via a web portal.

Detailed tracked Phendo data view on the desktop

Each day you tracked is displayed with what you experienced on the left, and what you did to manage symptoms on the right. Filled-in circles on the left represent period information (from light to heavy flow), and other types of bleeding are on the left represented by their app icons (e.g. spotting = Sp). Moments from that day are listed below. Severity is indicated by lightning bolt (from yellow-mild to red-severe). Circles on the right hand side represent how your day was (Gr=great, Gd=good, Mg=manageable, Bd=bad, and Ub=unbearable). Medications and hormones taken, self management strategies, foods, and exercises are below the ‘How was your day?’ icons. When you tracked something that helped your symptoms, you will see a green emoticon, and a red one when you track something that made your symptoms worse. Like Phendo, the web portal is secure and all your data is confidential. The authorization code we send is valid for 24 hours only. To get a new code, just click again on the ‘Get more insights’ link.

We hope that this visualization will help you understand what works and what doesn’t and also serve as a useful tool for discussion with your doctor or other providers! Let us know what you think!

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